Art & Workshops


Last year, our art gallery was a special place we were very proud of. This year we want to give you even more. Our mission is to gather, motivate, encourage and strengthen the creativity, originality, and visibility of visual artists and their work that promote culture, tolerance, oneness, and love. Active participation and co-creation enable us to overcome our own reality, turning us into an aware participant in the shaping of the global visionary art scene.

We want to share the experiences, to learn from each other, to advance our skills so we could remain consistent in cultivating alternative, psychedelic, and abstract visual art. To leave a fingerprint of our subconsciousness in this world. Art gallery, live painting, performances, workshops… We will give you a chance to see, feel, touch, play, share, learn… Through art, we communicate the message of our soul.

Lucic Nenad
Stefana Maric
Bojan Maksimovic
Marko Mitrovic
Mina Banic
Kristina Markovic
Vesna Leibowitz
Danica Marinkovic
Tamara Vidovic

The complete program will be published soon