Why? What? When?

Festival rules and recommendations

The natural monument of Straža will be your house for four days, and the guardian of your way of life. To make your stay more pleasant and so that all the festival visitors can function as a pack of wolves, we must respect the rules made by ALFA.

  • Gate will be opened for all on Thursday 14 PM.
  • Festival area will be opened until Monday 10 AM. Until then you have to leave the location. Thank you for your understanding.
  • In front of the entrance, the will be parking provided for all visitors, you can not enter the festival area with your car.
  • There will be few spots for camper vehicles.
  • Children, up to 10 years of age must have protective headphones. Parents please be responsible.
  • By purchasing a ticket, you automatically agree and allow to be photographed and that the material can be used and published in public. Of course, only for commercial purposes.
  • The camp is located in an old oak forest. In the case of strong winds it is not safe! At that moment, please leave the camping area.
  • You enter the festival at your own risk.
  • The festival will not tolerate any acts of violence.
  • Making a fire in a non-designated area can lead to big fires that would destroy the festival’s site.
  • Fires are allowed in designated areas only, only on the beach.
  • Open fires are strictly forbidden in the camp.
  • It is forbidden to bring food and drinks to the festival, except for campers on the first day.
  • At the festival, you can buy food and drinks at affordable prices.
  • Bring a flashlight, you’ll need it.
  • Swimming by night is forbidden for your own good.
  • Swimming is allowed in designated areas
  • Camp, showers, and toilets are free of charge, please keep them clean so that others can enjoy as well.
  • Respect your neighbors, help each other, create a strong family and pack.
  • Respect the environment and Mother Nature.
  • Do not leave your rubbish on the ground. This is a leave-no-trace event!
  • Do not leave your valuables in the tents!
  • The promoter will not be held responsible for any damage or loss of guests valuables.
  • Kids under the age of 10 can enter for free, plz keep them safe!
  • Pets are allowed on the festival, only if you keep them under your constant surveillance and vigilance.
  • In case of any injuries, sickness or problem our professional medical team will be there to assist you and provide you with any help needed.
  • Do not enter the festival without a wristband.
  • People without wristbands will be sent back outside from the festival’s site.
  • Ticket counterfeiting is a crime and subject to persecutions.
  • The Promoter reserves the right to change the program.
  • In Serbia, it is not allowed to consume illegal drugs. This law applies to the location of the festival also.

See you at the festival, we wish you have a nice time, a pleasant stay, a smile on your face and lots of new friends.