Las Vegas Poker Tournament Guide Beyond the Rio During the 2021 WSOP

October 02, 2021
Jon SofenGeoff Fisk

las vegas poker tournaments

The 2021 World Series of Poker began September 30, but that isn’t the only major fall series in Las Vegas. Card rooms such as Aria, Venetian, Orleans, and more will offer an alternative to the WSOP, which should come in handy for the unvaccinated poker players, or those who aren’t interested in chasing bracelets.

All players will be required to show proof of vaccination against COVID-19 to compete in the upcoming WSOP. As of now, those rules don’t apply to the other series in town. But Nevada still has a face mask mandate in place inside all businesses.

If you aren’t down with the WSOP but still would like to play tournament poker this fall in Las Vegas, here are your numerous options:

Autumn at Aria (October 5-November 14)

Aria poker room

Aria is one of the premier poker rooms in Las Vegas and all around the world. Tournament Director Paul Campbell put together an Autumn at Aria series that lasts more than a month. At 11 a.m. daily, except on days with special events, the Las Vegas Strip casino will host a one-day $400 buy-in no-limit hold’em tournament. Players will start with 25,000 in chips, blind levels will increase every 30 minutes, and the guaranteed prize pool each day is set at $40,000. Here are the replacement events on various days (all one-day events starting at 11 a.m. unless otherwise noted):

Oct. 9: $470 Limit Omaha/8 ($30,000 guaranteed)Oct. 13: $470 Pot-Limit Omaha ($30,000 guaranteed)Oct. 15: $470 H.O.R.S.E. ($30,000 guaranteed)Oct. 18: $1,100 No-Limit Hold’em ($100,000 guaranteed, two-day event at 1 p.m.)Oct. 22: $600 No-Limit Hold’em Senior (50+) ($75,000 guaranteed, 10 a.m. start time)Oct. 23: $470 Limit Omaha/8 ($30,000 guaranteed)Oct. 31: $600 No-Limit Hold’em Seniors (50+) ($75,000 guaranteed, 10 a.m. start time)Nov. 2: $470 Pot-Limit Omaha/8 ($30,000 guaranteed)Nov. 4: $470 Pot-Limit Omaha ($30,000 guaranteed)Nov. 11: $1,100 H.O.R.S.E. ($75,000 guaranteed, two-day event)

The Grand Poker Series at Golden Nugget (Sep. 28-Oct. 18)

Golden Nugget Poker Room

Golden Nugget will host its popular summer series — The Grand — in the fall this year to coincide with the first half of the World Series of Poker. The series brings out thousands of low and mid stakes tournament grinders, recreational players, and many others. This year’s edition of The Grand features 50 total events headlined by the $600 buy-in Championship No-Limit Hold’em tournament, which guarantees at least $500,000 in prize money awarded, along with these exciting events:

Sep. 30-Oct. 3: $200 No-Limit Hold’em ($100,000 guaranteed)Oct. 5: $250 Big-O ($10,000 guaranteed)Oct. 17: $400 Seniors No-Limit Hold’em Championship (50+) ($25,000 guaranteed)Oct. 18: $200 Super DeepStack Turbo No-Limit Hold’em
EventDateTime (PT)TournamentGuarantee 1Sept. 811:10 a.m.$500 NLH EpicStack$30,000 2Sept. 86:10 p.m.$200 NLH Survivor$6,000 3Sept. 9-1211:10 a.m.$600 NLH UltimateStack$200,000 4Sept. 96:10 p.m.$200 NLH Survivor$6,000 5Sept. 122:10 p.m.$400 NLH MonsterStack$20,000 6Sept. 13-1811:10 a.m.$400 NLH MonsterStack$250,000*Event 7Sept. 811:10 a.m.$500 NLH EpicStack$30,000 8Sept. 86:10 p.m.$200 NLH Survivor$6,000 9Sept. 9-1211:10 a.m.$600 NLH UltimateStack$200,000 10Sept. 96:10 p.m.$200 NLH Survivor$6,000 11Sept. 122:10 p.m.$400 NLH MonsterStack$20,000 12Sept. 13-1811:10 a.m.$400 NLH MonsterStack$250,000*Event 13Sept. 811:10 a.m.$500 NLH EpicStack$30,000 14Sept. 86:10 p.m.$200 NLH Survivor$6,000 15Sept. 9-1211:10 a.m.$600 NLH UltimateStack$200,000 16Sept. 96:10 p.m.$200 NLH Survivor$6,000 17Sept. 122:10 p.m.$400 NLH MonsterStack$20,000 18Sept. 13-1811:10 a.m.$400 NLH MonsterStack$250,000 19Sept. 811:10 a.m.$500 NLH EpicStack$30,000 20Sept. 86:10 p.m.$200 NLH Survivor$6,000 21Sept. 9-1211:10 a.m.$600 NLH UltimateStack$200,000 22Sept. 96:10 p.m.$200 NLH Survivor$6,000 23Sept. 122:10 p.m.$400 NLH MonsterStack$20,000 24Sept. 13-1811:10 a.m.$400 NLH MonsterStack$250,000 25Sept. 811:10 a.m.$500 NLH EpicStack$30,000 26Sept. 86:10 p.m.$200 NLH Survivor$6,000 27Sept. 9-1211:10 a.m.$600 NLH UltimateStack$200,000 28Sept. 96:10 p.m.$200 NLH Survivor$6,000 29Sept. 122:10 p.m.$400 NLH MonsterStack$20,000 30Sept. 13-1811:10 a.m.$400 NLH MonsterStack$250,000 31Sept. 122:10 p.m.$400 NLH MonsterStack$20,000 32Sept. 13-1811:10 a.m.$400 NLH MonsterStack$250,000 33Sept. 811:10 a.m.$500 NLH EpicStack$30,000 34Sept. 86:10 p.m.$200 NLH Survivor$6,000 35Sept. 9-1211:10 a.m.$600 NLH UltimateStack$200,000 36Sept. 96:10 p.m.$200 NLH Survivor$6,000 37Sept. 122:10 p.m.$400 NLH MonsterStack$20,000 38Sept. 13-1811:10 a.m.$400 NLH MonsterStack$250,000 39Sept. 122:10 p.m.$400 NLH MonsterStack$20,000 40Sept. 13-1811:10 a.m.$400 NLH MonsterStack$250,000 41Sept. 811:10 a.m.$500 NLH EpicStack$30,000 42Sept. 86:10 p.m.$200 NLH Survivor$6,000 43Sept. 9-1211:10 a.m.$600 NLH UltimateStack$200,000 44Sept. 96:10 p.m.$200 NLH Survivor$6,000 45Sept. 122:10 p.m.$400 NLH MonsterStack$20,000 46Sept. 13-1811:10 a.m.$400 NLH MonsterStack$250,000 47Sept. 122:10 p.m.$400 NLH MonsterStack$20,000 48Sept. 13-1811:10 a.m.$400 NLH MonsterStack$250,000 49Sept. 811:10 a.m.$500 NLH EpicStack$30,000 50Sept. 86:10 p.m.$200 NLH Survivor$6,000

The Orleans 2021 Fall Poker Series (Oct. 1-Nov. 5)

Orleans Poker Room

The Orleans poker room plays host to one of the most robust selections of daily tournaments in Las Vegas. The off-Strip property offers the 2021 Fall Poker Series this autumn, which runs Oct. 1-Nov. 5.

The $1,000 buy-in, $750,000 guaranteed No-Limit Hold’em Championship plays as the pinnacle event of the series. Some of the biggest tournaments on the schedule include:

Oct. 8-11: $400 Thundering Threes No-Limit Hold’em ($333,333 guaranteed)Oct. 14-17: $500 Mystery Bounty No-Limit Hold’em ($400,000 guaranteed)Oct. 19-21: $300 No-Limit Hold’em ($200,000 guaranteed)Oct. 28-Nov. 1: $1,000 No-Limit Hold’em Championship ($750,000 guaranteed)

The Orleans 2021 Fall Poker Series Full Schedule

DateTime (PT)TournamentGuarantee Oct. 111 a.m.$300 No-Limit Hold’em$50,000 Oct. 16 p.m.$150 Friday Night NLH$25,000 Oct. 211 a.m.$400 No-Limit Hold’em$75,000 Oct. 26 p.m.$200 Bounty NLH$15,000 Oct. 311 a.m.$300 No-Limit Hold’em$50,000 Oct. 36 p.m.$200 H.O.R.S.E.$10,000 Oct. 411 a.m.$200 No-Limit Hold’em$25,000 Oct. 46 p.m.$150 Super Stack NLH$20,000 Oct. 511 a.m.$400 Omaha 8-or-better$40,000 Oct. 56 p.m.$200 Super Stack NLH$20,000 Oct. 611 a.m.$200 No-Limit Hold’em$25,000 Oct. 711 a.m.$200 No-Limit Hold’em$25,000 Oct. 76 p.m.$150 Super Stack NLH$20,000 Oct. 8-1111 a.m./6 p.m.$400 Thundering Threes No-Limit Hold’em$333,333 Oct. 86 p.m.$150 Friday Night NLH$25,000 Oct. 116 p.m.$150 Super Stack NLH$20,000 Oct. 1211 a.m.$400 H.O.R.S.E.$40,000 Oct. 126 p.m.$200 Bounty NLH$20,000 Oct. 1311 a.m.$200 No-Limit Hold’em$25,000 Oct. 136 p.m.$150 Super Stack NLH$20,000 Oct. 14-1711 a.m./6 p.m.$500 Mystery Bounty No-Limit Hold’em$400,000 Oct. 156 p.m.$150 Friday Night NLH$25,000 Oct. 176 p.m.$200 R.O.S.E.$10,000 Oct. 1811 a.m.$200 No-Limit Hold’em$25,000 Oct. 186 p.m.$150 Super Stack NLH$20,000 Oct. 19-2111 a.m./6 p.m.$300 No-Limit Hold’em$200,000 Oct. 216 p.m.$150 Super Stack NLH$20,000 Oct. 2211 a.m.$600 H.O.R.S.E. Championship$50,000 Oct. 226 p.m.$150 Friday Night NLH$25,000 Oct. 2311 a.m.$400 No-Limit Hold’em$75,000 Oct. 236 p.m.$200 Bounty NLH$15,000 Oct. 2411 a.m.$600 Omaha-8 Championship$50,000 Oct. 246 p.m.$200 Omaha-8/Stud-8$10,000 Oct. 2511 a.m.$200 No-Limit Hold’em$25,000 Oct. 256 p.m.$150 Super Stack NLH$20,000 Oct. 2611 a.m.$200 No-Limit Hold’em$25,000 Oct. 2711 a.m.$150 Satellite (No-Limit Hold’em Championship)15 Seats Oct. 276 p.m.$150 Satellite (No-Limit Hold’em Championship)10 Seats Oct. 286 p.m.$150 Satellite (No-Limit Hold’em Championship)10 Seats Oct. 296 p.m.$150 Friday Night NLH$25,000 Oct. 306 p.m.$200 Bounty NLH$15,000 Oct. 316 p.m.$200 H.O.R.S.E.$10,000 Nov. 111 a.m.$200 No-Limit Hold’em$25,000 Nov. 16 p.m.$150 Super Stack NLH$20,000 Nov. 211 a.m.$400 8-Game Mix$30,000 Nov. 26 p.m.$150 Super Stack NLH$20,000 Nov. 311 a.m.Final Table Freeroll No-Limit Hold’em$15,000 Nov. 31 p.m.$200 No-Limit Hold’em$25,000 Nov. 411 a.m.$200 No-Limit Hold’em$25,000 Nov. 46 p.m.$150 Super Stack NLH$20,000 Nov. 511 a.m.$200 No-Limit Hold’em$25,000 Nov. 56 p.m.$150 Friday Night NLH$25,000

Venetian Deepstack (Aug. 30-Nov. 28)

Venetian Poker Room

The Venetian’s long-running DeepStack series returns this fall, with the latest edition of the live tournament festival running through Nov. 28.

The first part of the festival, the DeepStack Extravaganza, kicked off Aug. 30 and continues through Sept. 26. The first weekend of the Deepstack Extravaganza included the latest MSPT Venetian Main Event, a $500,000 guaranteed, $1,100 buy-in tournament that ran Sept. 4-6.

Plenty of action still remains to play out at the Deepstack Extravaganza, including the following events:

Sept. 9-12: $600 NLH UltimateStack ($200,000 guaranteed)Sept. 13-18: $400 NLH MonsterStack ($250,000 guaranteed)Sept. 20-22: $400 NLH MonsterStack ($100,000 guaranteed)Sept. 23-26: $600 NLH UltimateStack ($200,000 guaranteed)

The DeepStack Extravaganza includes 30 tournaments, most of which have yet to play.

Venetian DeepStack Extravaganza Remaining Schedule

EventDateTime (PT)TournamentGuarantee 13Sept. 811:10 a.m.$500 NLH EpicStack$30,000 14Sept. 86:10 p.m.$200 NLH Survivor$6,000 15Sept. 9-1211:10 a.m.$600 NLH UltimateStack$200,000 16Sept. 96:10 p.m.$200 NLH Survivor$6,000 17Sept. 122:10 p.m.$400 NLH MonsterStack$20,000 18Sept. 13-1811:10 a.m.$400 NLH MonsterStack$250,000 19Sept. 136:10 p.m.$200 NLH Bounty$6,000 20Sept. 146:10 p.m.$200 NLH Bounty$6,000 21Sept. 156:10 p.m.$200 NLH Survivor$6,000 22Sept. 1812:10 p.m.$500 NLH EpicStack$30,000 23Sept. 1911:10 a.m.$400 NLH MonsterStack$25,000 24Sept. 193:10 p.m.$400 Pot-Limit Omaha$10,000 25Sept. 20-2211:10 a.m.$400 NLH MonsterStack$100,000 26Sept. 206:10 p.m.$200 NLH Bounty$6,000 27Sept. 221:10 p.m.$400 NLH MonsterStack$25,000 28Sept. 23-2611:10 a.m.$600 NLH UltimateStack$200,000 29Sept. 236:10 p.m.$200 NLH Survivor$6,000 30Sept. 262:10 p.m.$400 NLH MonsterStack$20,000

Just after the DeepStack Extravaganza wraps up, the Venetian rolls right along into the DeepStack Championship II series. The schedule includes 76 tournaments, with more than $10 million in guaranteed prize money on the line.

The DeepStack Championship II runs Sept. 27 through Nov. 28. Five different $1 million guaranteed tournaments adorn the schedule, including two MSPT Main Events and a $2,500 buy-in Card Player Poker Tour event.

Notable tournaments in the series include:

Sept. 28-Oct. 1: $800 NLH UltimateStack ($400,000 guaranteed)Oct. 9-11: $1,100 NLH UltimateStack ($400,000 guaranteed)Oct. 12-15: $1,100 NLH MSPT ($1,000,000 guaranteed)Oct. 18-21: $1,600 NLH MSPT ($1,000,000 guaranteed)Oct. 22-25: $600 NLH MonsterStack ($250,000 guaranteed)Oct. 26-28: $1,100 NLH UltimateStack ($400,000 guaranteed)Oct. 29-31: $800 NLH Seniors (50+) ($300,000 guaranteed)Nov. 1-4: $1,100 NLH Mini DeepStack Championship ($1,000,000 guaranteed)Nov. 7-10: $1,600 NLH DeepStack Championship ($1,000,000 guaranteed)Nov. 11-14: $2,500 NLH Card Player Poker Tour ($1,000,000 guaranteed)

Venetian DeepStack Championship II Full Schedule

EventDateTime (PT)TournamentGuarantee 1Sept. 2711:10 a.m.$400 NLH MonsterStack$25,000 2Sept. 276:10 p.m.$400 NLH Survivor$15,000 3Sept. 28-Oct. 111:10 a.m.$800 NLH UltimateStack$400,000 4Sept. 28-303:10 p.m.$600 Limit Omaha 8/B$50,000 5Oct. 11:10 p.m.$600 NLH MonsterStack$50,000 6Oct. 211:10 a.m.$600 NLH MonsterStack$50,000 7Oct. 23:10 p.m.$800 Pot-Limit Omaha 8/B$40,000 8Oct. 3-611:10 a.m.$600 NLH UltimateStack$200,000 9Oct. 36:10 p.m.$400 NLH Survivor$15,000 10Oct. 46:10 p.m.$400 NLH Survivor$15,000 11Oct. 61:10 p.m.$800 NLH MonsterStack$75,000 12Oct. 711:10 a.m.$600 NLH MonsterStack$50,000 13Oct. 7-93:10 p.m.$800 BIG O$75,000 14Oct. 811:10 a.m.$600 NLH MonsterStack$50,000 15Oct. 910:10 a.m.$300 NLH Mega Satellite5 Seats GTD (Event #16) 16Oct. 9-1111:10 a.m.$1,100 NLH UltimateStack$400,000 17Oct. 1112:10 p.m.$1,100 NLH MonsterStack$150,000 18Oct. 1110:10 a.m.$300 NLH Mega Satellite5 Seats GTD (Event #19) 19Oct. 12-1511:10 a.m.$1,100 NLH MSPT$1,000,000 20Oct. 123:10 p.m.$600 Pot-Limit Omaha$40,000 21Oct. 152:10 p.m.$1,100 NLH DoubleStack$150,000 22Oct. 1611:10 a.m.$600 NLH MonsterStack$50,000 23Oct. 163:10 p.m.$1,100 Pot-Limit Omaha$75,000 24Oct. 1710:10 a.m.$300 NLH Mega Satellite5 Seats GTD (Event #27) 25Oct. 17-1811:10 a.m.$800 NLH UltimateStack$75,000 26Oct. 177:10 p.m.$300 NLH Mega Satellite5 Seats GTD (Event #27) 27Oct. 18-2211:10 a.m.$1,600 NLH MSPT$1,000,000 28Oct. 187:10 p.m.$300 NLH Mega Satellite5 Seats GTD (Event #27) 29Oct. 212:10 p.m.$1,100 NLH DoubleStack$150,000 30Oct. 22-2511:10 a.m.$600 NLH MonsterStack$250,000 31Oct. 226:10 p.m.$400 NLH Survivor$15,000 32Oct. 243:10 p.m.$800 Pot-Limit Omaha 8/B$75,000 33Oct. 2511:10 a.m.$1,100 NLH MonsterStack$150,000 34Oct. 2610:10 a.m.$300 NLH Mega Satellite5 Seats GTD (Event #35) 35Oct. 26-2811:10 a.m.$1,100 NLH UltimateStack$400,000 36Oct. 281:10 p.m.$1,100 NLH MonsterStack$150,000 37Oct. 29-3110:10 a.m.$800 NLH Seniors (50+)$300,000 38Oct. 293:10 p.m.$600 PLO/PLO 8/B$40,000 39Oct. 306:10 p.m.$300 NLH Mega Satellite5 Seats GTD (Event #43) 40Oct. 3111:10 a.m.$1,100 NLH MonsterStack$150,000 41Oct. 316:10 p.m.$300 NLH Mega Satellite5 Seats GTD (Event #43) 42Nov. 1-210:10 a.m.$800 NLH Super Seniors (60+)$50,000 43Nov. 1-411:10 a.m.$1,100 NLH Mini Deepstack Championship$1,000,000 44Nov. 411:10 a.m.$600 NLH MonsterStack$100,000 45Nov. 411:10 a.m.$600 NLH MonsterStack$100,000 46Nov. 5-73:10 p.m.$800 Pot-Limit Omaha$75,000 47Nov. 611:10 a.m.$600 NLH MonsterStack$100,000 48Nov. 76:10 p.m.$300 NLH Mega Satellite5 Seats GTD (Event #49) 49Nov. 7-1011:10 a.m.$1,600 NLH Deepstack Championship$1,000,000 50Nov. 77:10 p.m.$300 NLH Mega Satellite5 Seats GTD (Event #49) 51Nov. 810:10 a.m.$300 NLH Mega Satellite5 Seats GTD (Event #49) 52Nov. 101:10 p.m.$800 Pot-Limit Omaha Bounty$30,000 53Nov. 106:10 p.m.$300 NLH Mega Satellite5 Seats GTD (Event #55) 54Nov. 1110:10 a.m.$300 NLH Mega Satellite5 Seats GTD (Event #55) 55Nov. 11-1311:10 a.m.$2,500 NLH Card Player Poker Tour$1,000,000 56Nov. 116:10 p.m.$400 NLH Survivor$15,000 57Nov. 1210:10 a.m.$300 NLH Mega Satellite5 Seats GTD (Event #55) 58Nov. 131:10 p.m.$1,100 NLH MonsterStack$150,000 59Nov. 1411:10 a.m.$1,100 NLH MonsterStack$150,000 60Nov. 146:10 p.m.$400 NLH Survivor$15,000 61Nov. 15-1711:10 a.m.$800 NLH UltimateStack$150,000 62Nov. 153:10 p.m.$600 Limit Omaha 8/B$30,000 63Nov. 1712:10 p.m.$600 NLH MonsterStack$50,000 64Nov. 176:10 p.m.$400 NLH Survivor$15,000 65Nov. 18-2111:10 a.m.$600 NLH EpicStack$250,000 66Nov. 183:10 p.m.$800 Pot-Limit Omaha$40,000 67Nov. 212:10 p.m.$400 NLH MonsterStack$20,000 68Nov. 22-2411:10 a.m.$400 NLH MonsterStack$150,000 69Nov. 226:10 p.m.$300 NLH Bounty$12,000 70Nov. 236:10 p.m.$300 NLH Bounty$12,000 71Nov. 2412:10 p.m.$400 NLH MonsterStack$25,000 72Nov. 246:10 p.m.$300 NLH Bounty$12,000 73Nov. 256:10 p.m.$300 NLH Turbo$10,000 74Nov. 256:10 p.m.$300 NLH Bounty$12,000 75Nov. 26-2811:10 a.m.$400 NLH UltimateStack$100,000 76Nov. 281:10 p.m.$400 NLH MonsterStack$20,000
Wynn Poker Room

Wynn Fall Classic (Sep. 30-Nov. 21)

More than $13 million in guarantees awaits players at the Wynn Fall Classic. The series runs during almost the exact same dates as the WSOP, and Wynn/Encore will no doubt get plenty of player traffic for its latest major tournament series.

Wynn Fall Classic Notable Tournaments

Oct. 5-8: $1,600 No-Limit Hold’em ($1,000,000 guaranteed)Oct. 11-14: $2,200 Mystery Bounty ($2,000,000 guaranteed)Oct. 19-22: $1,600 No-Limit Hold’em ($1,500,000 guaranteed)Oct. 24-26: $1,100 Seniors NLH ($400,000 guaranteed)Oct. 29-Nov. 2 $3,500 NLH Championship ($3,000,000 guaranteed)Nov. 15-18: $1,600 Mystery Bounty ($1,500,000 guaranteed)

Wynn Fall Classic Full Schedule

DateTime (PT)TournamentGuarantee Sept. 30Noon$400 No-Limit Hold’em$40,000 Oct. 1Noon$400 No-Limit Hold’em$40,000 Oct. 2Noon$1,100 No-Limit Hold’em$200,000 Oct. 3Noon$1,100 No-Limit Hold’em$200,000 Oct. 4Noon$1,100 No-Limit Hold’em$200,000 Oct. 46 p.m.$400 Satellite to $1,100 No-Limit Hold’em10 Seats Oct. 5-8Noon$1,600 No-Limit Hold’em$1,000,000 Oct. 10Noon$400 Satellite to $2,200 Mystery Bounty20 Seats Oct. 106 p.m.$400 Satellite to $2,200 Mystery Bounty10 Seats Oct. 11-14Noon$2,200 Mystery Bounty$2,000,000 Oct. 15Noon$1,100 No-Limit Hold’em$200,000 Oct. 16Noon$1,100 No-Limit Hold’em$200,000 Oct. 1711 a.m.$400 Ladies No-Limit Hold’em$40,000 Oct. 17Noon$1,600 Pot-Limit Omaha $500 Bounty$200,000 Oct. 18Noon$1,600 No-Limit Hold’em $500 Bounty$200,000 Oct. 1911 a.m.$550 H.O.R.S.E$50,000 Oct. 19-22Noon$1,600 No-Limit Hold’em$1,500,000 Oct. 221 p.m.$1,100 Pot-Limit Omaha$100,000 Oct. 23Noon$1,100 No-Limit Hold’em$200,000 Oct. 24-26Noon$1,100 Seniors NLH$400,000 Oct. 261 p.m.$550 Omaha 8/B$50,000 Oct. 27Noon$550 NLH $5K Survivor$100,000 Oct. 28Noon$500 Satellite to $3,500 NLH Championship10 Seats Oct. 286 p.m.$500 Satellite to $3,500 NLH Championship10 Seats Oct. 296 p.m.$500 Satellite to $3,500 NLH Championship10 Seats Oct. 29-Nov. 2Noon$3,500 NLH Championship$3,000,000 Nov. 2Noon$550 No-Limit Hold’em$100,000 Nov. 3Noon$550 No-Limit Hold’em$100,000 Nov. 4-6Noon$1,100 No-Limit Hold’em$400,000 Nov. 61 p.m.$550 Pot-Limit Omaha$50,000 Nov. 7Noon$1,100 No-Limit Hold’em$200,000 Nov. 8Noon$1,100 No-Limit Hold’em$200,000 Nov. 9Noon$1,100 No-Limit Hold’em$200,000 Nov. 10Noon$550 No-Limit Hold’em$100,000 Nov. 11Noon$550 No-Limit Hold’em$100,000 Nov. 12Noon$550 No-Limit Hold’em$100,000 Nov. 13Noon$550 No-Limit Hold’em$100,000 Nov. 14Noon$550 No-Limit Hold’em$100,000 Nov. 146 p.m.$400 Satellite to $1,600 Mystery Bounty10 Seats Nov. 15-18Noon$1,600 Mystery Bounty$1,500,000 Nov. 19Noon$400 No-Limit Hold’em$40,000 Nov. 20Noon$550 No-Limit Hold’em$40,000 Nov. 21Noon$550 No-Limit Hold’em$40,000