It’s a family bonding time outdoors. Would you dare to dance like nobody’s watching and have all your senses reinvigorated, cleansed and renewed? Feel the vibe of the tribe in the ancient woods. Reconnect with yourself and with the other. Reconnect with your kids.

We are thrilled to join Myth of Creation,, and Technokratia and learn through cooperation with them given in mind they have organized thousands of events in total. Way of Life Festival is a great opportunity for cultural exchange in Europe and wider. KidsTribe adds a layer in promoting Serbian artists and presenting world artists in Serbia.
Our goal at WOLF.2018 is to start building a basic infrastructure of the village, using mostly natural materials locally available, involving the local community and festival guests in the building process so that everyone can visit and enjoy it throughout the following years and not only during the festival. We believe that this approach also matches the goal of Way of Life Festival as well as the local community and organizations to create sustainable resources for collective use and sharing.

We need sufficient funds to do this but, as said before, most of our work there will have a visible impact on the community. We will reuse available materials and recycle as much as possible, reduce waste and think green also.

Our main concept is the process of sharing. KidsTribe will be a place where you can be yourself, a place to exchange and share what we bring with us (from inside and out). It will provide an opportunity for families with kids to be able to visit and enjoy the festival in nature with the support of our tribe – other families sharing the same vision and life values (nature, love, peace, unity, sharing, music, teamwork, creative power, manual work, etc).