Kids Tribe

The children's village will be hosted by Center Divandan.

First of all, Kids Tribe is:

  • A place to be yourself.
  • A family tribe where we get support, share ideas and lots of hugs.
  • Family bonding time - camping in (pure) nature.
  • Dancing like nobody’s watching.
  • Full of rich, sensory and hands-on activities.
  • Time to reconnect with yourself and your kids.
  • NOT babysitting service.
  • NOT a quiet place to stay or sleep longer in the morning (but we love it!)
  • NOT responsible for your kids - you are (oh, yes, at all times ;))
kids tribe - main

*Also, If you want to be a #kidstribe_villager send us a word or photo 2 weeks before the festival (and we'll reserve a spot for your tent here):

kids tribe - main2

Center Divandan is a community organization which supports parental engagement in early childhood development.

Our workshops engage all senses and strengthen relationships among family members.

This time Kids Tribe provide an opportunity for families with children

to visit and enjoy a festival in nature with the support of our tribe - other families sharing the same vision and values - nature, love, peace, unity, sharing, music, teamwork, creative power, manual work, love for plants and bugs 🐜🌱)

kids tribe - kids

About Kids Tribe (we speak in person, nature is often social media-free 🙂 :



See you in the ancient forest!