Kids Tribe

Hosted in the children's village is CAPR Divandan.

First of all, CAPR Divandan is a community organization which has been supporting parental engagement in early childhood development. Most noteworthy, this community is being built through family-centered, community-based programs. These programs are of cultural and social participation of families with preschool children. Also, Kids Tribe has organized various creative children workshops. We have organized hundreds of parties and social events for children in the past several years, led by early childhood educators.

Our workshops engage all senses while strengthening relationships among family members. Meet the tribe in which you will get support and ideas. Therefore, you will spend quality time with children using accessible and affordable materials.

kids tribe - main

What is KidsTribe? It’s a family bonding time outdoors. Would you dare to dance like nobody’s watching and have all your senses cleansed and renewed? Feel the vibe of the tribe in the ancient woods. Reconnect with yourself and with the other. Above all, reconnect with your kids!

Our main concept is the process of sharing.

Kids Tribe certainly is a place to be yourself. Furthermore exchange and share what we bring with ourselves (from inside and out). It will provide an opportunity for families with kids to be able to visit and enjoy a festival in nature. With the support of our tribe - other families while sharing the same vision and life values (nature, love, peace, unity, sharing, music, teamwork, creative power, manual work etc).

Finally, if you like our story, feel free to contact us. You can find us on Facebook, or visit our website at

We'll be more than happy to meet you.

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