Healing Zone

is something special we have prepared for you this year

We live in times when people are realizing more and more the need to take care of themselves, the need to be better, to love more, to give more, to shine more. To grow spiritually.
We live in crazy times, everything we touch is somehow dirty, so the need to clear the negative energies from our bodies and minds is greater than ever. But not all know how to get to that place of mind-body-soul unity that will make their lives beautiful.

So we will teach you some of the techniques on our workshops and lectures. Yoga, meditation, natural cosmetics, crystals, recycling, Reiki, healing with music… are just some of the things that we will show you.
We are all different and different things are good for us, so we have prepared a lot of magic in hopes that you will take some home and make your life shine.