Way Of Life Festival

Welcome to our spiritual journey

First of all,

We are happy that the number of wolves increases year by year. Therefore this year, for the third time, Way of life festival proudly open the gates of our home to an ever-increasing number of loyal wolves.

From 26th to 28th July, the Monument of Nature Straza will once again be the home of free and creative people, the home of those whose mind is open. The third gathering is ahead of us as a result of a full commitment to one goal.

Check out our news page for upcoming promo parties and everything else related to the Way of life festival. Also, In the program section, you can see this year's performers. Certainly, make sure to check it out regularly, because information about headliners will be added soon.

way of life festival - couple

Above all, feel free to explore

Way of life festival proudly presents

Wild stage

Free stage

Due to your wild spirit,

we are sure that you'll find the reason to leave the world behind and join us in the ancient forests.

Kids Tribe


The wolf pack is finally gathering, bigger and stronger than ever.

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Way of life festival is organized by Addicted Org. in cooperation with the City of Vrsac, the Tourist Organization Vrsac and the Technokratia.